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MT43 News Policies:


  • Letters to the Editor: Tuesday 12 p.m.
  • Advertising: Tuesday 10 a.m.
  • Stories & News: Tuesday 12 p.m.


Headlines and bylines will be determined by the Editor at the editor’s sole discretion.

Advertising Policy:
  • MT 43 News, Inc. reserves the right to reject any advertising. Visit our website ( or visit our offices for our rate sheet and image rules. 
  • Periodically, relevant advertising will be used to fill necessary space. Advertisers will not be charged for this additional advertising.
Letters to the editor, guest columns, Op-Ed, editorials and advertising do not necessarily reflect the opinion of MT 43 News, Inc. or any of its executives, employees, or advertisers.
Letter Policy
  • MT 43 News, Inc. welcomes letters to the editor on subjects of general community interest.
  • The views and opinions expressed in letters to the editor are those of each letter’s author and do not  reflect the opinions or beliefs of MT 43 News, Inc.
  • Letters must be signed and include the author’s legal name, phone number, and address for verification purposes. Anonymous submissions will not be published.
  • MT 43 News embraces our freedom to speak freely and freedom of the press, but we reserve the right to refuse publication of any letter. We will make a reasonable effort to resolve any issues we may have with the submitter.
  • Letters may discuss any subject, but are expected to deal with only one subject per-letter and be 300 words or less. We reserve the right to edit letters for content and length. We further reserve the right to require documentation or evidence when discussing the behavior, motivation, or lives of other people.
  • Letters to the Editor may not be used as a thank-you, sales pitch, or any type of solicitation. These must apply to paid space.
  • Letters should be submitted via email ( in plain text. Please do not attach any files.
Political Letters and Editorials
  • Political candidates are allowed to submit one biographical article during an election year. Additional articles must be paid for or they will be considered only as space allows.
  • Any letter that calls into question another person’s character will be held until the other party can respond to the allegations. Rebuttals must be submitted within one week of our request. If no rebuttal is received, the letter will not be printed."