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Meth Trial in Broadwater County


Dee Gannon, MT43 News Correspondent
MT43 News Correspondent

Authorized Vehicle Search Turns up Meth in Broadwater County

Meth Pre-Trial Conference in Broadwater County

Dee Gannon

MT43 News Correspondent

Levi Gadaire and Joseph Matt appeared in Judge Michael McMahon’s courtroom on Friday, June 16 to file Motions to Suppress evidence taken at a traffic stop on January 31, 2023.

Testimony by Sgt. Jamie Buck included that on January 31, 2023, he received a suspected RADD (reporting a drunk driver); a person was swerving in his lane, and seemed not to be in control of his vehicle. As Buck got behind the vehicle, he noticed, how the car was failing to maintain its lane.

He stopped the car near Town Pump on Front Street, finding Levi Gadaire in the driver’s seat. In the passenger’s seat was Joseph Matt. Asking the two if they were “on paper”, meaning if they were on Probation, Gadaire replied in the affirmative. Matt, however, wasn’t so quick in his response. Buck asked Gadaire if he had used meth and when; Gadaire replied he had used meth early that morning.

One of the conditions for all probationers is that they not be in the presence of other probationers. Buck called Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) Officer Landon Lamb for assistance. Lamb authorized a search of the vehicle because Joseph Matt had absconded from AP&P, and there will be a warrant for his arrest.

Upon search of the vehicle, Sgt. Buck discovered three small zip-lock baggies, containing a total of 30.3 grams of methamphetamine. Upon further inspection, 11.4 grams of meth were found in a clear plastic container and 30.6 grams were also discovered. All in all, it added up to 72.3 grams or almost 2.6 ounces! All field-tested positive for meth and both were arrested. Later, a chemical analysis from the Montana State Crime Lab proved it positive.

AP&P Officer Landon Lamb took the stand; saying that yes, he talked to Sgt. Buck and authorized the search, based on Matt’s absconding. He was shown an arrest warrant for Matt, dated January 31, 2023; and testified that it was indeed the same one.

The evidence that Gadaire is trying to suppress is that he told Buck he had used it earlier in the day (without being read his Miranda Rights). In the body cam video, you can see and hear Gadaire as he talks to the sergeant. Matt is trying to suppress the evidence that he is absconding.

After two and a half hours, the hearing concluded when Gadaire asked for a Change of Plea. That will be heard on July 30. Matt, however, chooses to go to Jury Trial. The Pre-Trial is September 15; with the Jury Trial to be held on October 10.