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Request For Letters Of Support For South County Emergency Services Building
Author: Broadwater County Commissioners

Request For Letters of Support for South County Emergency Services Building

Broadwater County Commissioners

Greetings Broadwater County residents,

The Broadwater County Commissioners request letters of support for the proposed emergency

services building in southern Broadwater County. While the commissioners have saved a

sizeable amount to help with the engineering and construction, supporting documentation

assists with securing the grant funding needed to complete the project. The planned building

location donated by Bridger Brewing is on three acres within the Wheatland TEDD and includes space for fire, EMS, law enforcement, and search & rescue.

As Broadwater County grows, there is an undeniable need for greater presence and coverage of

all EMS, fire, and law enforcement services, especially in the Wheatland area. The county

commissioners are leading the effort to address these needs, however, public involvement and

participation will be the deciding factors of how these services are ultimately implemented.

We will continue discussion and community engagement regarding all aspects of the potential

building and the ways to expand services there. At this time, your written support strengthens

the efforts to bring this initial project to fruition.

The Letters of support and any questions or comments can be sent to the Broadwater County

Commissioners at

Thank you,

Broadwater County Commissioners

Debi Randolph - Commissioner District 1 Email:; Phone: 406.980.2050

Lindsey Richtmyer - Commissioner District 2 Email:; Phone: 406.521.0834

Darrel Folkvord - Commissioner District 3 Email:; Phone: 406.980.1213

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