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Nancy Marks, Reporter
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Nancy Marks


Official from Elections Administrator Angie Paulsen at 8:45pm Nov. 7: for Mayor:

Vickie Rauser is the newly elected Townsend City Major. Rauser ran against opponent J.B. Howick who received 211 votes. Winning total for the winner was 271.

Other offices open were Ward III Vivian Boaz who ran against incumbent council member Nate Brown. Those totals were: 39 for Boaz and 90 for Brown.

The polls, which closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday night tallied all mail-in ballots at a total of 482.

Townsend businessman JB Howick ran on a platform of protecting Townsend’s quality of life, working with Montana Department of Highways on adding change lanes to Highway 287 and working with the Sheriff’s department to increase security in the city. He included his desire to addressing the lack of affordable housing in Townsend.

Incumbent Vicky Rauser currently is serving her second term on the council. She ran on her background and experience in handling important city challenges such as dealing with rapid population growth, implementing a new water system and setting up a better audit system for the city. Rauser is a CPA and worked for the Legislative audit Division for 30 years. She is a Toston-Townsend native.

Ward III contestant Vivian Boaz, relatively new to Townsend, ran on her willingness to serve the people of Townsend. She felt her past education in behavioral science and mathematics and her business experience in the food industry would be useful in the city council. She would direct her ideas for city business to keeping utility rates low for fixed-income people and ways to fund more affordable housing.

Business owner Nate Brown is running for his second term as council member. He indicated the most important job of the Council is to build a workable budget every year. He felt communicating and coordinating with the county Sheriff’s office, public works and fire departments was most important as well.

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